In this electronic age I have found that the number of people I teach over the internet grows monthly. A greater number of people are taking advantage of FaceTime and Skype to facilitate at home lessons. Some of my students are simply too far away to book a regular lesson and for them, the advances in technology have proven a blessing. I have clients in Montreal, Toronto, New York and California.

Remote learning or eLessons, also known as online learning has become a regular everyday occurrence at most colleges and Universities around the world. This is the future of teaching and it does work.


When someone is looking for a voice teacher/ voice coach, the standard they will generally find will be a music teacher that teaches music and also teaches voice. In most cases this will be a piano teacher that teaches voice in addition to piano and or music theory. I am a voice teacher, I teach people to use their voices like artists and master storytellers. This is what I've been trained to do and this is what I have been doing full time for many years.

I offer 55 minutes lessons to singers from beginner to professional levels. If you are a singer that would like help or training for your voice, please contact me.

Voice in acting

I do not teach acting, however I do teach actors to use their voices properly. Actors will often come to me with sore voices because they don't know how to properly project their voices without strain. The same techniques that apply to proper singing also apply to theatrical projection of voice. Actors that have learned these methods have reported a significant increase in volume and a significant decrease in strain. Possibly more important, they have reported compliments and accolades for sincerity and emotion that were previously not present in their acting voices.

ESL Speech Lessons

As a professional voice instructor, I am often called to coach people in their speech. This is quite an enjoyable portion of my work. Because this type of training tends to bring in students that wish to come more often than once per week, the price per lesson is significantly less than a singing lesson. If English is a second language for you and you would like to improve the quality of your everyday speech, call and book your first lesson today.


With each year I find myself working more and more in the business sector. Many powerful and aspiring business executives are continuing to take advantage of my services to develop more powerful, adaptable, sincere and effective business voices. The feedback from the executive students has literally been amazing.

This area of my business has become so effective that I am constantly asked to give talks for groups. Not surprisingly, the same techniques that work for stage and film are in high demand by the business community. Feedback in this area has yielded some unforeseen benefits such as an increase in energy during the latter half of the work day, a sharp decline in nervousness and heart palpitations during presentations and public speaking. These are of course in addition to the expected benefits of a stronger voice, greater vocal stamina and a far more audible aspect of honesty and sincerity in the voice.


I have lectured for both schools and businesses regarding many different areas of voice from detecting deception to controlling the main cause of nervousness during public speaking. The feedback from lecturing has been far more positive than I expected. More and more people every day are reaping the benefits of a stronger and more robust speaking voice. The most profound item of this positive feedback has been a sharp decline in miscommunication.